Thursday, July 13, 2006

Session 13 - Dreamteam week 10

Not only was last week dismal but I haven't made the points for 3 weeks now!

This week will be better...this week will be better...this week will be better...

Actually, this is my last of these before going to Vegas - scarey to think the next tourney I enter with 2000 starting chips will be WSOP event #31...!

Just downloaded the latest installment of the Pokerdiagram poker podcast - Zog playing well so far but it's around an hour and a half long so I need a few trips to/from work to hear it all.

This week's team Orphans includes:


Blinds 10/20. 131 Runners . Stack 2000.

I decided to enter another tourney before this one and have managed to make the final table, so the updates will be a little infrequent as I can't play 2 tables and type at the same time!

No Ariston this week (we have a last longer bet each week) so I'll probably end up doing really well...

Also, Dazzler (Darren, the team captain) is to my right so I've got to play sensibly with the captain watching!

Blinds 15/30. 125 Runners . Stack 1845.

Right, out of the other tourney in 5th when my AJ lost to A8...grrr but still £140 profit.

Ooops - just managed to raise Darren when it was just us 2 in the hand! AT for me vs. 99 and I spiked a T on the river...Next hand Darren flops a set so he gets his chips back soon enough.

Getting a huge run of poor hands 83, T6, 34, Q2 etc. but at least it's keeping me out of trouble!

Blinds 25/50. 121 Runners . Stack 1995.

Haven't seen level 3 for a few weeks - it makes a nice change!

mrlaw1 out in 119th...

Now Maxine (banksy's wife) has joined the table...3 from one team all sitting together! Oops, and she's just run into quad 4s when she had KK, but fortunately not for too many chips.

Blinds 50/100. 114 Runners . Stack 1770.

Going nowhere fast here - really haven't had any proper starting hands. 45 on the big blind and it's limp, raise to 400 before it gets to me so I have to fold.

M of 12 now so getting a bit low.

At last our table is split to we're not all together. And I get my first playable hand - AQ off. Following Harrington I just limp in early position after there's another limper before me. Flop comes 69T, turn 5 and with a raise then all-in, call I decide to gracefully retire from the hand.

T5 in the SB is looking tempting for a steal-raise if it's folded to me but inevitably someone raises before I even get the chance to do anything dumb!

AQ again, BB calls my 400 raise and puts me all-in on a 963 flop, have to fold it.

AQ yet again, but I take the blinds with a 400 raise. Stack at 1170 and the next level coming up...

Break time, there are 101 left with points for top 100.

Blinds 75/150, ante 25. 101 Runners . Stack 1170.

My M has gone from 8 to 5 due to the blind increase, and I'm in the big blind next, so I'm gonna need a hand soon.

74 in the BB - not what I was hoping for, but I get a walk! Can't believe they gave the short stack a walk...

And...we've made the final 100 so we're in the points - first time for me in 4 weeks! How embarrassing!

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow....just got cramp in my left leg! Combination of being too unfit and sitting for hours playing this stupid game! Must go for a run.

73 in the BB - even worse than last time and no walk on this one :-(

KJ - I'm about to push when the guy to my right goes all-in so I fold out. This combination of no cards and an active table is really restricting my options!

83, 52, 59 (of course, the flop is 399 - the Poker Gods are mocking me!).

54 in the BB - this is almost surreal in it's badnesss.

Right, 720 chips (M=3) so it's gonna be soon...A9 sooted will do me even though there's a limper, and they all fold so I take 375 valuable chips and get back to 1095.

Blinds 100/200. 84 Runners . Stack 1095.

AK so I push all-in...folded and I take 300.

My next BB and I'm dealt T8 soooted, but fold to a raise.

Daz just went in with TT vs JJ and spiked a T on the river! What a player!

AT hearts on the button, I push and the blinds fold.

AQ hearts, raise to 600 early position...reraise which I call...AT, and we split the pot with a 5 high straight! Grrrr!

67 in the SB so I limp, and fold to a flop bet. A8 on the button, but there's a limper and I don't like it so I fold.

70 runners left so we've got 100 points each so far.

Blinds 150/300. 70 Runners . Stack 1445.

A6 hearts I push, and take the blinds.

Meds seems to be raising pre-flop quite a bit...maybe a re-raise can take him off a hand? Not with 95 though, and he claimed to have had AA...

banksoir out in 68th for 100 points, but Mark (BFA74) doubles up to 1220 so gets another lifeline.

BB and I get 23 which Meds duly raises to 1200...easy fold. SB Q2 which I fold also.

KJ clubs on the button...feel and all-in coming - but not from me as someone beats me to it!

Down to 60 runners - 150 points each now, and Mark goes out in 60th (AJ called by 39 suited which made the flush!) with Darren following swiftly behind in 59th!

88 UTG so I push with my remaining 1445 and get called by the BB who shows Q9. Unfortunately he hits a 9 on the flop of 79T - giving me an open ended str8 draw but I don't make it and am out in 54th place for 150 points.

Right then, Kirsten has just come back from an afternoon's drinking with Karen and is in need of food so I'm going to drive her to the chip shop!

GL to Eugene (cochise77) who is our last remaining team member...

UPDATE - Final positions are:

mrlaw1 - 119
banksoir - 68th (100)
BFA74 - 60th (150)
D4zzler - 59th (150)
Kirsten - 54th (150)
cochise77 - 38th (400)

for a team total of 950 this week.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Session 12 - Dreamteam week 9

Right then, having managed a dismal last place last week overplaying AA I will do better this week...

...interesting side note however, reading about Greg Raymer in one of this week's WSOP events he played AA practically the same way I did - i.e. got it all-in on the flop against a set. However, being the world champ he is he turned a set of Aces to take the pot!


Blinds 10/20. 134 Runners . Stack 2000.

Straight in the BB with Q5 off...nice. J3. A2. K6. 92. Woo-hoo I have lasted longer than last week ;-) 63, 53, 93, 46, K6, K7, KJ (fold to 100 raise ahead of me), 52, AQ soooted raise to 180, call 180 reraise, A72 flop. I check, he bets 200, I reraise 540 and then fold to an all-in.

Blinds 15/30. 132 Runners . Stack 1020.
AT UTG so I limp. QJ4 flop. 5 turn. A river. Call a bet of 120 and lose to a set of 4s....

QJ suited on the BB, call a 120 raise (ok, I'm tilting now!) JKK flop, so I push for my last 600 and he has AK. Oops....out in 129th. That was soooooo stupid.

UPDATE: Ariston out in 63rd so that's another $66 on the last longer bet I've lost...

banksoir in 73rd (80 pts)
mikjagger out in 66th (100 pts)
BFA74 44th (300 pts)
mrlaw1 32nd (400 pts)
D4ZZLER 19th (800 pts) (going out to quad sixes!)