Friday, August 03, 2007

I never was any good... following rules.

So after my last post I sat down at a $2/$4 HU table on Ladbrokes and moved my bankroll there from $1,398 to $742. Since then I have played $0.5/$1 6-max and it's now at $1,828.

On FTP I played some PLO and got my bankroll down to $450. Since then I've played $0.5/$1 6-max and it's now at $990.

On UB I played some $1/$2 PLO and got my backroll down from $1,326 to $795. Haven't been back there since.

Anyway, despite donking off $1k+ at higher tables I am actually up since my last post by playing a game I know I can beat. I think there's a lesson in all this ;-)

I have also come to the conclusion that beating the $0.5/$1 game is more about minimising losses than maximising gains. In other words a marginal fold is preferable to a marginal call.

An example: 4 handed on a $0.5/$1 table, I have $190, villain has $400. I get QQ in the big blind, villain raises to $3.50 UTG, I re-raise to $14, he calls. Flop Jd8d4c, I bet $25, he moves all-in. What do you do? Certainly a couple of weeks ago I instacall...

Let's think about what he's shoving with here.

AdXd, AA, KK, QQ, JJ, J8, Td9d, 88, 84, 44.

From the pre-flop action we can discount AA (he 4-bets), A9 or worse, J8 and 84 he folds. Probably he folds Td9d and 44 as well but we were deep so maybe he calls.

Putting this range: AdKd, AdQd, AdTd, KK, QQ, JJ, Td9d, 88, 44 into pokerstove vs. my QcQs shows I have 20% equity. Ok, he may show up with a few other random hands but it's not going to affect it enough to make this a call.

I folded (incidentally he showed AdQd so it was a coinflip pretty much).

Certainly however folding here has plugged a leak in my game.


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