Thursday, July 05, 2007

The comeback begins

Having depleted my bankroll through a combination of playing $5/$10 and entering some expensive (ish) tournaments trying to qualify for the WSOP it is now time to rebuild the bankroll. Then again, with the dollar at such a low against the pound maybe now is the time to top up the poker, I don't think adding currency speculation to poker is a good move.

June was a really awful month P&L wise dropping around 3k so I can't afford any wild gambles or speculative $500 tournaments for a while. That said...I have been playing a lot of heads-up lately, which I suppose has quite a high variance but I seem to be having some good results so I'll stick at it.

I had a horrible blow-out on UltimateBet in March, with my BR there going from 5564 to 534 in a single session. It now stands at 1510 with no reloads and having played a couple of $200 tournaments so I know I can grind it back.


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Blogger pokersmith2 said...

You seem to be able to avoid a complete blowout of your bankroll, even during the big downswings. I guess that's one good thing.

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