Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I play sooooooo bad

Bleugh - that's the only way to describe it really.

Firstly stacked off with AQ on an A73 board - I was sitting there thinking "he has a set" and yet still couldn't quite stop myself re-reraising all-in on the flop. He had A7 which in all honesty was about as good as I could hope for.

Then I raised UTG with QQ, button calls, SB calls, BB re-pots it. I of course sense a steal going on so shove...and he has AA.

Just to really make my day I get KK in the C/O. I raise, the button calls. J72 2-club flop. I bet $11, the button min-raises. Now he had done this a few hands earlier when I had KJ on a KT3 board and I folded but this time I was going no-where, so I shoved and he calls with...Ac6s ummmm WTF. Of course, turn 6, river 6 and there goes a $240 pot.

Ended the session down $280.

BTW - there's an interesting article on the Full Tilt website about Chris Ferguson turning zero into $10,000 by exercising the sort of bank-roll management I wish I could stick to!


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